Jen-’Naturally, while Dax photographed and I attended a ton of weddings, we talked a lot about getting married.’

Dax-’You thought that one summer was a lot of weddings?’

Jen-’Anyway, I knew Dax was the one and he knew I was the one and the proposal was eminent but I was disappointed because I didn’t think it would be a surprise after talking about everything. So… I decided I’d propose! Why not?!’

Dax-’I had no idea.’

Jen-’I found out Dax and his best friend Dave carried on a long-standing tradition where any time Dave would come home to Montana (typically from deployment) they would host a wine tasting and dinner party at Dax’s house and invite all of their closest friends and family. I knew, since Dax always thought a big proposal was the best, that the wine tasting was the perfect event.’

Dax-’Little did I know I was planning my own engagement party! As usual, Dave selected amazing bottles of wine and we cooked up a delicious appetizer spread. Jen insisted we dress up and she looked breathtaking in her new white Antonio Melani dress.’

Jen-’*Blush* I was a nervous wreck. I hadn’t told anyone I was going to propose because I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.’

Dax-’The party carried on through the evening with our closest friends and family getting to know each other. Towards the end of the night Jen pulled me aside and told me we should do a toast to thank everyone for coming. So we stood in front of everyone hand-in-hand.’

Jen-’Oh gosh, he’s still mad about this next part!’

Dax-’I gave the most eloquent speech. Thanking everyone for coming and celebrating friendship and love.’

Jen-’*Giggles* I can’t really comment on how amazing his speech was because it was all white noise in my head as the blood started rushing between my ears but apparently some people thought Dax was going to propose during that toast so it must have been really poignant!’

Dax-’After my most fantastic toast, I turned it over to Jen in case she had anything to add. With glass in hand she started to speak:’

Jen-“My friends and family often joked about how I didn’t have a “type”. I dated these guys who had nothing in common. I even started writing a book called “One of Each”. I really prided myself on how open-minded I was about finding love, but I started to worry. How was I going to find someone when I’d come to love these things about very different people? So God sent me a man who had it all. A man who was sensitive and artistic. A man who was intelligent and well spoken. -

Dax-’This is where I started to try to cut her off because I thought maybe she’d had too many glasses of wine and she was rambling about how amazing I am. Not that anyone would disagree but I didn’t want her to embarrass herself.’

Jen-’But I pressed forward. I was on a mission.’

“-A man who could build it and fix it. A man who could be brave and strong. A man who could love me and knew how to love me well. God sent me Dax. I love you sweetheart.”

‘Then I took a deep breath, reached into my pocket, and dropped to one knee.’

Dax-’Gasps all around.’

Jen-“Let’s make a plan, you and I. 10 years from now, let’s tell our kids how mom proposed to dad. Will you marry me?”

Dax-’I was in utter shock. It wasn’t even in the realm of what I thought was possible.’

Jen-’I was down there, on one knee, holding out the ring I’d selected for him, all I could see was him. I could hear gasps from all around but I only saw… Dax.’

Dax-’Once I picked my jaw off the floor, I said “Yes!” like you wouldn’t believe, grabbed my girl and kissed her.’

Jen-’*Looking at each other* So that was October 4th last year.’

Dax-’And we get to continue our love story September 13th this year.’