Name: David Elliott (Cuncle Dave to Jennifer)

Years known: All of them

Most likely to: Ride is uni-cylcle to the wedding… from Seattle

Best characteristic: He’s an Elliott. We’re all great.

Our story: Jennifer (Punifer) and Dave (Cuncle Dave) have always had a close relationship. Punifer keeps Cuncle Dave as a trusted friend and counselor. A younger brother to Jennifer’s father, Dave is a strong Christian and family man.

Cuncle Dave


Name: Marie Pettit

Years by my side: 13

Most likely to: Become the next Sonny and Cher

Best characteristic: Sweet heart and free spirit

Our story: Marie and I became fast friends when we met in middle school and were always known to be a giggly pair. Marie will marry her amazing man and musical partner Wolf in August. She’s an talented musician (both instrumentalist and vocalist) and has just begun down a path to becoming a school psychologist.


Name: Olga Chinikaylo

Years by my side: 6

Most likely to: Surprise you

Best characteristic: Stage-worthy dance moves

Our story: Olga and I worked together at Linens-N-Things but really bonded later on when we shared an apartment. Olga has always impressed me with her adventure and drive. Olga earned her licensure as a massage therapist while we lived together and is now an U.S. Airman.


Name: Meagan Walters

Years by my side: 23

Most likely to: Laugh at all your stories

Best characteristic: Tenacity

Our story: Meagan and I grew up in church together back in Spokane and our friendship has stayed true through the ages. We’ve stood by each other’s side through many challenges, opportunities, sorrows, and joys. Meagan is the strong single mother of two wonderful boys.


Name: Allie Harrison

Years by my side: 9

Most likely to: Tell you about Jesus in any conversation

Best characteristic: The love she radiates to all she meets

Our story: Allie is my trusted confidant on issues of God and America. Allie and I met through College Republicans and discovered we have a similar history and passion for Christ when we shared an apartment following graduation from UM. Allie and I get lost for hours talking about what’s important to us. Allie will pass the BAR this summer and begin her journey to becoming a Supreme Court Justice by clerking for the Honorable Judge Fagg of Billings, Montana.


Name: Andrea Kendall, Maid of Honor

Years by my side: 6

Most likely to: Own it

Best characteristic: Fun!

Our Story: Andrea and I met through Linens-N-Things and later shared an apartment. Andrea and I went through a lot together and she has always had my back. She and I learned together how to play grown-ups and still have fun. Andrea is a great mother-hen who will tell off any man that hurts you and remind you you’re great. I couldn’t ask for a better Maid-of-Honor.




Name: Jesse Elliott

Years by my side: 2

Most likely to: Talk about his track bike than anything else.

Best characteristic: His sister

Our Story: He’s Jen’s brother, so how could he not be awesome?!?!  He’s currently stationed in England in the Air force and is a pretty awesome family man!


Name: Jeremy Flesch

Years by my side: 6

Most likely to: Make you want to be a better person

Best characteristic: He definitely has a “Christ-like nature”

Our Story: Jeremy and I met while both serving on the neighborhood leadership council.  I adore just being around him and watching how much he cares for his family and others.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 3.01.55 PM

Name: Tim Mitchell

Years by my side: 10

Most likely to: Be late

Best characteristic: Fun as hell!

Our Story: Tim and I worked together at Invizeon back in the day.  Since then I’ve watched his family grow and we continue to see each other as much as possible.  Though he does tend to only call when he needs something ;)

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 3.00.58 PM

Name: Tyner Kuehn

Years by my side: 32

Most likely to: Have a sarcastic comment about everything

Best characteristic: His huge heart

Our Story: I may have given my brother a ton of crap over the years, but I’m so very proud of him.  He’s done things I never could and he really does have a gift for helping others…and mooching ;)

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Name: Dave Beall, Best Man

Years by my side: 16

Most likely to: Impress everyone he meets

Best characteristic: His love and dedication to others

Our Story: Dave and I met at freshman orientation at the University of Montana.  Since then we’ve been through a ton of ups and downs but through it all he has always been there for me.  And when I think back on my life thus far I can’t think of a better man…period!

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